Wedding Pie 0.5 Gram


THC: 33.60%
CBD: 0.10%
Type: Indica Hybrid
Farm: Meraki Gardens

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An intoxicating combination of fuel and citrus. A strong indica hybrid that hits smoothly and eases the tension.

Wedding Cake x Grape Pie

Wedding Pie is full of crystal trichomes and is definitely beautiful enough to be your wedding topper. This selection of Wedding Pie portrays both parents exactly how we wanted. The aroma is full of sweet vanilla cake with grape pixie stick sweetness on the back end. It has very calming effects so if you get nervous in social settings this strain is perfect for you. Don’t be alarmed if your snack plate is full and you are going back for seconds as this strain can promote a healthy appetite.

Harvested: 12/31/19

Located in Portland, Meraki Gardens is proudly female-owned and Clean Green Certified.

Instagram: @merakigardens