Voyager x Black Widow Sativa Tincture


THC: 446mg
CBD: 0.00%
Type: Sativa
Lab: Medicine Farm Botanicals

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Medicine Farms Botanicals 0.5 oz tincture:
At 446mg of THC in each bottle, this single-strain tincture is one of Oregon’s most potent. Infused with strain-specific cannabis Sativa, this daytime blend will provide an energizing “head-high” experience. Start low and slow to find the right level for you.

60 servings (15 drops)@7.43mg THC OR 120 servings (7 ½ drops) @3.71mg THC CBD
Infused with elderberry, ginger, mint & chamomile
Alcohol-Free & Vegan
Always handmade from scratch and poured with love
Cruelty free