Snoop’s Dream


THC: 25.87%
CBD: 0.10%
Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Farm: Eco Firma Farms
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Master Kush x Blue Dream

This harvest is laid back and smooth, just like it’s namesake. Snoop’s Dream is an indica dominant hybrid that leads to a mellow and calming experience, after an initial boost of euphoria and creativity. Perfect for a late-afternoon indulgence, or a bedtime lullaby.

Harvested: 12/28/2017

For Eco Firma Farms, it’s about more than cannabis. Eco Firma Farms is on a mission to craft the highest quality cannabis for both body and mind, while working to leave the earth better than they found it. Eco Firma Farms has an unrelenting focus on sustainability, integrity and quality.

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Leafly: Snoop’s Dream