Point Break #1 – Dave’s Fave

THC: 22.40%
CBD: 0.10%
Type: Sativa Hybrid
Farm: Eugreen Farms
Harvested: 11/28/2020
Terpenes: N/A

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An amazing blend of citrus and fruity aromas. Big frosty buds with purple accents. One of our all-time favorites. A fun and uplifting sativa hybrid.

Surfr Select Seeds

Tropicanna Cookies x Triangle Mints

Harvested: 11/28/2020

The Soil Goons at Eugreen Farms have been passionately cultivating dank since 2000. Soil health is a priority for the Soil Goons, hence the name. Healthy soil full of organic nutrients and microbes make for happy and healthy plants.

Instagram: @eugreen_notill