C-Cell Variable Voltage Battery


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Willamette Valley branded variable voltage battery designed for C-Cell 510 thread cartridges.

*Battery capacity: 400mAh

*Adjustable voltage range: 2V~4V. You can use the twist knob at the bottom to adjust the voltage.

1. ON/OFF function: click the button 5 times quickly and continuously. Blue light flashes 3 times when you turn on/off the battery by clicking 5 times. When you turn off the battery, the light blinks along with clicking.

2. Preheat: Click the button 2 times after the battery is powered up, the light becomes red, blue and green in turn for 2 cycles, lasting 10 seconds. To quit preheat, just click the button one time.

3. The colors of LED light:

A) Indicating the remaining power High (more than 45%):green Medium (23%-45%):blue Low (3%-23%): red less than 3%: red light flashing

B) The LED turns white when short circuit occurs

C) When charging the battery, the light is flashing. It turns green when the battery is fully charged.