Critical Jack


THC: 24.20%
CBD: 0.26%
Type: Sativa Hybrid
Farm: HiFi Farms
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These uplifting medium and large sized buds smell fantastic. The trio of pine, floral and citrus scents is very pleasant. This Critical Jack is a smooth hitter that will not be energy draining. However, be prepared for the munchies.

Established in 2014, HiFi Farms is devoted to all things high fidelity – true, artistic expression, pure cultivation methods, and authentic flavors of all kinds. What started off as a humble medical cannabis grow with a staff of four has transformed into a much larger operation and community, working together on a 50 acre farm west of Portland customized for world class, 21st century cannabis production.

Harvested: 9/21/18

Instagram: @hififarms

Leafly: Critical Jack