What is Rip City Delivery?
A: Rip City Delivery provides on-demand marijuana delivery to adults 21+ in southwest Portland. Place your order in our online store, and a Rip City Delivery driver will deliver to your door. Deliveries are made in under 60 minutes. Most orders are filled much faster. We know that one minute is one minute too long. Faster delivery times will be a leading focus, until one of our delivery drones is dropping pot through your rooftop drone-door.

Where do you deliver?
A: Any residence (house or apartment) in southwest Portland.  Because of delivery regulations, we may only deliver to a personal residence inside the city limits of Portland. No dormitories, hotels, motels, or bed and breakfasts are allowed.

Why can’t I use my debit card?
A: Rip City Delivery accepts cash, personal checks, and CanPay.  CanPay connects to users’ debit accounts to facilitate secure and cashless transactions.  Please visit www.canpaydebit.com to watch a tutorial video on how their service works.  You can also watch a recent KGW news story on this highly convenient payment system here — http://www.kgw.com/news/you-can-now-buy-weed-in-oregon-without-cash-legitimately/454359614.    

What if I don’t like the products I receive?
A: Rip City Delivery delivers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the products you receive, our driver will gladly refund your money and wish you a nice day. We know you will be satisfied. That is why we stand behind our products and service so strongly.

Why can’t you deliver to me?
A: It is our goal to serve a small area very well, with prompt and professional service. As demand allows we will hire more drivers, eventually delivering marijuana Portland-wide. We will deliver anywhere in southwest Portland.

How do I drive for Rip City Delivery?
A: If you have a reliable car, a clean driving record, and would like to drive for Rip City Delivery, please apply here.

Will I be able to track my driver like Uber or Lyft?
A: For our drivers safety, we will not be enabling this feature. Customers will receive an emailed electronic receipt, and two text message updates.  One message when your delivery driver is en route from our facility, and another when the driver is nearby.

Why do you need so much of my information? What are you going to do with it?
A: Any personal information collected is used to satisfy Oregon Liquor Control Commission and City of Portland regulations.  All information will be disposed of securely and responsibly as soon as is legally allowed. We respect your privacy, and our responsibility to ensure the security of your information.

Do I need to receive my order in person?
A: Yes.  Our drivers must verify with proper identification that the person receiving the order is the person who placed the order online.  Our drivers must also verify this person is over 21 years old. Acceptable forms of ID include a Driver’s License, a state ID card, a military ID, or a Passport.

How will my order be delivered?
A: Discreetly and professionally. Rip City Delivery vehicles are unmarked.  Your nosy neighbors don’t have to know you know how to relax.

Why do you want my phone number?
A: Customers will receive text message updates regarding their order. You’ll receive notifications when the order is being processed, and another when the delivery driver is en route.

Why do you need my email address?
A: Rip City Delivery will provide an electronic receipt for your order.

Why do you need my birthday?
A: State regulations require we collect the birth date of the individual ordering prior to delivery.

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